Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Relentless Boardmasters 2012!!

Just a few pictures to wet your appetite - have a look at my facebook page for more pictures and come and see me at the Carnmarth Hotel on Saturday for a surf and landscape exhibition...

What a great few days - Newquay had a festival atmosphere from the 8-12th August.
The surf competition began earlier due to the better and bigger waves at the beginning of the week and the weather was amazing. blue sky and very little wind - only a little bit of drizzle on the Sunday.

There were stalls selling great clothes and some real gourmet food!

The amazing skate boarding and bmx competitions saw some real talent doing some moves! I was on the ramp right in the action - I wish I know what all the moves were called!

Fistral Beach saw the Beach Sessions on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Bands included Reel Big Fish, Xavier Rudd and the Black Seeds. The beer was cold and the crowds were loving it!

On Friday and Saturday the party went to Watergate Bay where Dizzy Rascal and Ed Sheeran played to the crowds along with some great dance acts and DJs.

Dizzy Rascal
Steve Lid


Tim Davies

Bring on 2013!!!!!!!

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