Monday, 13 August 2012

Really amazing weekend here in Newquay with the Relentless Boardmasters. Beach sessions on Fistral beach along with skating and bmx competitions and of course the surf competition then the Watergate Bay music festival - it was amazing and the weather was pretty good too! I had a press media pass so I got some really great shots. I took over 2000 photos so photos will be up as soon as possible! 

In the meantime have a look at theses photos: Our good friend Katherine had a baby on the 5th July - Little Oliver - he is lovely! The week before Katherine asked me to do a pregnant photo shoot. We chose a gorgeous sunny day down at Little Fistral and got some beautiful colour and black and white shots. Thanks to her, her friend Rosie asked for some similar shots. Rosie came down from Devon on the 8th July with her boyfriend and the pictures are so romantic and beautiful. The idea is to turn it into series of photos following their baby grow up - a lovely record for the family.

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