Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Hello again everyone - it's been a while!
I have had a busy few months - I got married in September here in Newquay at the Atlantic Hotel  with all our family and friends - have a look at all our pictures on my facebook page and my wife Laura!

We left for our honeymoon at the beginning of October - it was a month of diving in Thailand and Bali. We used to live in Thailand and so it was lovely to go back and see old friends.

I thought I would show you a few pictures of the trip - above and below the water!

The Phi Phi Overnighter dive trip on 'Greta' owned by Calypso Diver


Longtail boat on Phi Phi

Lionfish hunting the glass fish

The Chinese 'Vegetarian' Festival - Invoking the Gods to bring good health to the families
Men in trances mutilate themselves to bring the spirit into their body. Some use pins or needles, other use swords or even furniture and guns!
Once the cheeks have been pierced, the men parade through Phuket Town for several kilometres followed by blessings and lots of firecrackers!

 The Vegetarian Festival is 10 days of incredible atmosphere with every sense being tested. The noise and the smell as well as the spectacle of hundreds of men with piercings walking through the town all in white is a photographer's dream!

Following are several pictures from our dive safari to Bali with Aquamarine Diving. We traveled around Bali to experience different dive sites: wrecks and walls, coral reefs and 'muck' diving which is just black sand with lots of rubbish but some amazing creatures!

An amazing Mimic Octopus at Puri Jati (north Bali)

During the surface interval this lady was being blessed by the Hindu priest to bring luck for something in coming up in her life.

The beautiful, but basic Balinese fishing boats.
Harlequin Sweetlips

Harlequin shrimp - the size of a thumb, these guys chop off a sea star's leg and eat it from the inside out!

My wife Laura and our fabulous dive guide Romon at Manjangan Island.
And... after the dive a nice refreshing beer back at the hotel in Sanur