Thursday, 16 May 2013

Bring on the Surf!!

Hi all, hoping everyone is Awesome?

I thought today I would share a few photos of a couple of friends of mine - both enjoy the waters around Newquay and live for the surf.

Sam Coad is a semi professional surfer living here in Newquay - check his fabulous blog out. He is sponsored by SNUGG Wetsuits, Outer Limit Clothing and Bos Surfboards...

Next is Dom Moore - he is a surf, ocean confidence coach at Surf Sanctuary - an adrenaline junkie!! He works for Ocean Rodeo who make kite surfing equipment - another of his huge passions. check out his blog

Enough talking - lets see them in action!!
Lots of Boooom love from Wilkie!!!!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Fisherman's Friends!!

A little late – it was a busy Monday - I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend sun while it showed itself!

I wanted to say a quick thank you for the amazing response I have had from you all on some of my pictures - I love taking pictures and I love talking cameras so please keep the chat and comments coming! If you want any prints then please do get in touch. 

I have been working a lot recently with the fishermen of Newquay Harbour - you may have seen my pictures up on the Newquay Marine Group. I have been on the boats owned by the Gilbert family several times documenting their day at sea. Martin and his sons Jake and Daniel are potters: they go out from the harbour every day fishing for crabs and lobsters. This is mainly exported to mainland Europe but Newquay Marine Group are working with the Gilberts to promote locally caught crab and lobster to the local shops, cafes, hotels and restaurants. If you fancy getting a crab from the harbour then feel free to pop down and see them.

I was also honoured to be the wedding photographer when Martin Gilbert married Dorothy freeman on 6th April down at the Harbour restaurant. Of course, their fishing boats were also part of the wedding shoot!

Enjoy - have a lovely week! Wilkie Boom!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Instagram Fun!!

Today I am going to talk about Instagram - isnt it amazing?! I added a whole new Instagram section to my website and it has had some amazing feedback there and on Facebook.

The application, which i use on an Iphone 5, creates a real atmosphere and vibrancy to the shot and because it is linked to the web, you can have followers and be followed all around the world.

I thought I would show a few of my favourites here from Newquay and my trip to Copenhagen over Easter.
SALES PITCH!! The Newquay shots are for sale on my website or at The Beached Lamb in Newquay (our local haunt!)

Enjoy - and as always - please get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Much Wilkie Love!!!
Newquay Harbour 

The Gannel - low tide

The Gannel - moving to high tide



The Marble Church in Copenhagen

Montergade - now a Michelin restaurant

European dining - outside even in the snow!

Nyhavn (Newhaven)

Nyhavn - so cold the canal has frozen

Monday, 8 April 2013

Back to it in 2013 with a Boom!!

Hello all! I know it is April - but a Happy New Year to everyone!
Although I have been busy the last few months, I have waited until now to begin my blog for 2013 - I was hoping for warmer weather though!
I will be keeping the blog up to date with all my work and activities - please get in touch if there is anything you think I should know or if you have any comments - I would love to hear from you!

So - as a welcome back catch up - I have put a selection of photos up from the past few months. Christmas in Cornwall as well as Christmas in Amsterdam, some beautiful architecture and a lovely landscape of Newquay. More photos and information available on my website

Enjoy and see you all soon.
Fireworks over Newquay Harbour


Christmas lights at Padstow

Christmas lights in Amsterdam

Muse - playing at the Ziggo Dome

Christmas Architecture around Amsterdam - Have a look at my Website for details.

The beautiful Mal Maison Hotel in Oxford (formerly a prison)