Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Four Weeks In!

It's been a busy month here in the Philippines - I have been doing some work with some really interesting people and their businesses.

Zoox, is the marine conservation organisation that works with the diving industry and brings volunteers over from around the world to learn about the Science of Marine Conservation. They have a new website on its way and my photo shoot with them on the gorgeous Aninuan Beach will be up soon.
Laura, Abi, James and Alan, also known as Team ZEP have now finished their two weeks of training and are now Green Fins Assessors!!

(PS - I have been doing a lot of Instagram photos while out and about - follow me at wilkieboom)

View from the classroom

The Zoox classroom 
Team ZEP studying hard!  
Presentation day

The Staff
I have also been involved with an incredible charity that works with the street children of Manila, The Stairway Foundation Inc. Last week they asked me to photograph their teacher training programme which was presented by Fiona Childs and Anita Gardner. There are lots of plans of activities over the next few weeks that I will be part of, including some snorkelling and some lessons on the wonders of Mangroves!

Classroom training session
Lovely ladies in the workshop

Sand sculpture workshop


Story Telling - The Lorax

The team and the teachers 

Laura and I went for a tour of the island of Mindoro. We visited Sand Bar, White Beach, Tamaraw Falls and a small Barangay (Philippine word for village) high up in the hills. It was called Baclayan and is home to the indigenous Mangyan people. They love their basketball and their Sunday afternoon game was on top of a mountain!!! Also we visited a Mangyan village near Talipanan.
Oh and of course, don't forget the awesome diving with iDive!

Laura posing by a traditional Banca(boat!) at the Sand Bar

A panoramic view of beautiful White Beach

Wilkie and Laura at Tamaraw Falls

Mangyan people playing basketball on top of a mountain!

Mangyan people playing basketball on top of a mountain! 

Talipanan Mangyan village children

Talipanan Mangyan village children

Mangyan locals playing poker pool!

Anemone fish

Cuttle Fish


Peacock Manta Shrimp

Christmas Tree Worms

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Better Late than Never!!! BOOOMM!

Hello from the Philippines!! I know its been a while - I have been really busy updating my website which I hope you all like - thanks for all the comments.
I was also busy packing to head to the Philippines - Laura and I have been here now for three weeks. We are staying on Mindoro Island in the little village of Aninuan. It is surrounded by mountains which are full of gorgeous treks, villages and waterfalls.

The village has one lovely Italian restaurant and a couple of stalls on the side of the road. Oh and it has a lovely beach!

The main area is Puerta Galera and Sabang is the spot for the diving and the lively nightlife! However, we are both so busy that the nightlife can wait! Laura is doing some work with Zoox - a marine conservation company that works with the diving industry, implementing the Green Fins project in the dive centres of Puerta Galera. I have been documenting and taking a lot of pictures - above and below the water. It is so lovely to be back in the water.


view through Sabang wreck

Turtle having a rest with some hangers on!

I am diving with iDive, based in White Beach - Carlo and Andrea have been my 'Wow' dive guides - check out their website and Facebook page - can you spot the pygmy?!

The island has just played host to Malisimbo - a 5 day music and arts festival held up in mountains. Musicians included reggae, dance and folk acts including Mad Professor from Bristol and the lovely Jose Gonzalez. At night, it came alive - smells from the food stalls, the noise and the lights that hung from every tree illuminating the gorgeous surroundings and the art from the tribes and local villages. 

More pictures soon and a bit more information on the way of life we have over here including the daily chores like washing and showering and the friends we have met. Until then, happy Saturday and have a bombastic weekend!!